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Sunday, August 23rd, 1992

This was a 2 show day. The Roadhouse was during the afternoon, then Banana's Bar & Grill at night.

The Roadhouse Costa Mesa, CA

Flyer submitted by Phil Savell

Bands performed:

Busface - Philip Savell, Greg "Mudd" Lowther, Greg Odell, Trey Pangborne, Bud Gaugh

Juice Bros. - Dennis "Scummy" Elm, Eric Wilson, Michael "Miguel" Happoldt, Bud Gaugh

Brotherhood of Anger - Matt Vargas, Dennis "Scummy" Elm, Greg Mullen, and Jay O'Brien

Skull Splitter - Eric Sjoberg, Dennis "Scummy" Elm, Eric Wilson, more..

Busface was not originally billed for this show, then added after the flyer had been made, hence why they were hand-written on the flyers.

The cops stopped the show twice, and Brotherhood of Anger was stopped in the middle of their set twice due to people being taken away in the ambulance. Needless to say, it sounds like a wild set.

Banana's Bar & Grill Fullerton, CA

Bands performed:

Flyer by Bob Kurthy

Suburban Rhythm - Dennis Owens, Jake Kline, Rodi DelGadillo, Deryke Cardenaz, Carlos de la Garza, Ed Kampwirth

Joker Pickle's Reaction - Bob Kurthy, Paul Zanzler, Kevin Dean, Vance Gore, Noah McMannus

Wash - Eric Dunn, Kevin Callan, Rob Sammelious, Mike Meyer, Andy Wenger, Jerami Johnson, Brian Casey

Burnin' Daisy - Jon Ellis, Shawn Ellis, Chris Hanlin, Javier Ceja, and Andre Moran