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Welcome to the Sublime Wiki 

The Sublime Wiki is a multinational archival project comprising of over 1,600 digitized items and over 2,500 pages of content relating to the musical group from Long Beach, California, Sublime spanning the years of their activity from 1988 through 1996.

Housing the largest and most accurate collection of digital media and information relating to Sublime, the Sublime Wiki draws from content submitted by friends, family, concert promoters, photo/videographers, fans, private collectors and plain ol’ research. Content -including flyers, radio interviews, photographs, posters, tickets, t-shirts, and videos - can be found here, as well links to additional Sublime internet mainstays such as &

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Want to make the Sublime Wiki better? 

We are constantly on the hunt for new and unreleased Sublime material. If you have photos, videos, flyers, promotional items or any other type of ephemera you'd like to add to the Sublime Wiki, please drop us a line!

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Sublime in 1993 (L-R) Bud Gaugh, Bradley Nowell, Eric Wilson (photo by Darin Back)