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Philip Savell is an old school friend to all the members of Sublime. Phil is credited on the S/T as "Phil's warped sense of reality". While in Busface, he performed with Sublime many times prior to the "Date Rape" notoriety. During a time, Bud lived with Philip.


Phil has performed in many side projects with Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, most notably Eric's project "Stonewing", and most recently "Zensonic". After the passing of Brad Nowell; Philip, Eric, and Bud formed "Authentic Frontier Gibberish", a band described as "...punk jam band slop", performed 8 or 9 shows prior to the forming of the Long Beach Dub Allstars. Bud Gaugh performed the recordings for Diet Christ. Eric performed for awhile in Busface during the 2000 reunion. Blair Walker from Del Noah And The Mt. Arafinks and The Pivot Foots recorded with Busface and Diet Christ. Phil made a guest appearance on Long Beach Dub All-Stars Christmas album, KROQ's Last Christmas 1999, playing the acoustic solo on the track "I Saw Mommy Jocking Santa Claus".