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Busface was established in 1990 when Greg Odell and Phil Savell decided to create a band their songs would fit into. They added Mudd Lowther (of Falling Idols) on drums, and he christened the named "Busface". Trey (of the Falling Idols) joined the band shortly after on the second guitar, and brought some new music to the band. By the summer of 1990, they had a self-titled single out, "Busface".

Around 1992, Bud Gaugh joined into the mayhem. Then all disbanded by 1994.

Phil and Bud got back together in late 1999, to record "Diet Christ". In 2000, Mudd and Phil reformed Busface with Eric Wilson (Bass) and Kenny Y'barra (2nd Guitar).

As 2008 was coming to an end, the band played a few shows with Mudd Lowther, Greg Odell, Phil Savell, and Eric Wilson (on a 6 string guitar). After that end of the year, Mudd and Phil decided to keep the momentum going, and Eric Wilson rejoined them on drums. Lew joined the band on January 1st, 2009 playing bass. They played a few shows, then the band went dormant again... waiting... watching... and believing in the possibility of the next wave of Busface. Keep your ears peeled.


1999 - To record "Diet Christ"