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Hey bro. Email me please. [email protected]

---Reply Email sent.

You have been doing amazing helping out on the wiki. It's coming together so well. I am moving along with writing the book, and will be doing a lot of research and such, and will probably not have much time to do huge updates like the party one. I will just put the information up, and would appreciate you if you will format it. Thanks guys! -Josh

Josh, what book are you book writing? Also, if you want you can just email me the info and I'll just make the pages if thats easier for you.

Hey thanks Ed, glad ya dig 'em. I was actually trying to find that font to put on their but all the ones I had just didn't look exact.. def. gonna keep trying to find it cuz your right that would be the best thing for it. I forget we have this chat thing on here but I wanted to say great job with all the work you have done lately, the layout is finally looking good now because of you! The interpritations are all good to me so far. If I have some ideas I will run them by ya or if you need any help with a song let me know. Keep up the good work bro & thanks for helping out! B) -Dale

NICE thats the one I was looking for! hell yeah thanks man, I'm redoing the banners now and I am gonna add the S/T Flowers around the each of the boarders with that font. I appreciate the help! -Dale