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[[Image:4-15-1995Ticket.jpg|thumb|Ticket Stub (P.C. Heather Menhennett)]]
== '''The Bait Shack''' ''Norfolk, VA'' ==  
== '''The Bait Shack''' ''Norfolk, VA'' ==  
''April 15th, 1996''
''April 15th, 1996''

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Ticket Stub (P.C. Heather Menhennett)

The Bait Shack Norfolk, VA

April 15th, 1996

Artist Performed:

  • Sublime
  • Wesley Willis


  • This night was certainly an interesting performance. It happened just five nights after the Boston show at Mama Kin's, the beginning of Brad's final cold-turkey detox. And the show was only 2 days after infamous Capitol Ballroom show. If this show was nearly as energetic as the other shows in this period it would have been an amazing performance. Most likely, the set was cut short due to showing up to the set late. The venue, Bait Shack, was having problems with their landlords. The promoter, Jobber Joe, remembers that most of his night "was spent stressing while waiting for them to show up, and hoping to beat curfew". Wesley Willis was the opener to this show, and Joe still has the painting Wesley made for him at this show.

Joe remembers before the show his knowledge of Sublime "was that they had a popular song on 96x"(WROX-FM, 96.1) in Virginia Beach, VA. He also had another show scheduled for them also at the NSECT Club the year before, but it never happened due to the NSECT Club closing before their scheduled appearance. "I just don't remember much about Sublime," Joe said, "to me the real interesting part of the show was the Wesley Willis Fiasco, he was an incredible artist who made some weird almost avant noise music".