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Hey! I used to have the exact date when Rivers was recorded. Did you take it down?

If you get bored, I added all the links to videos for shows up until 1994, you can finish that if you'd like. Awesome work on the bootleg covers, too.. I wanted to do that, but adding them in with the pictures just got distracting and such. Should have thought to use the thumbnail feature. :)

You have been doing amazing helping out on the wiki. It's coming together so well. I am moving along with writing the book, and will be doing a lot of research and such, and will probably not have much time to do huge updates like the party one. I will just put the information up, and would appreciate you if you will format it. Thanks guys! -Josh

Hey man,

The banner for the shows looks awesome, I don't get why I never thought of putting something together like that. Question, do you have the font that sublime used either on 40oz (bolded) or the font that they used on the spine of the S/T? I think it would look really cool, kinda tie up everything sublime.

Looks good man,

Thanks ed

Heres the one they used for 40oz

I forget the name of the s/t one but I believe its carrier or something like that.

Thanks man, it was a pain in the ass but I loved how it came out. Awesome man, please do and I'll def hit you up if I need help.


The flowers would look sick on that man

It looks like the images you uploaded on Jan 4 didn't upload correctly.