What I Got

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Song Name: What I Got

Artist: Sublime

Album: Sublime Self-Titled

Year: 1996

Run Time: ???

The lyrics for the song, a partial take on reggae legend Half Pint's Loving, make this song nothing less than a modern day All You Need is Love (in fact, the instrumental is said to parallel another Beatles track, Lady Madonna), and it has become an unofficial anthem for millions of alt-rock listeners the world over.

An early version of this track exists on the Memories bootleg, where only the chorus is repeated, amidst the refrains of a partial cover of Bad Brains' Pay to Cum. This song was even predicted to be Sublime's biggest hit by Bradley himself, who drew up a proposed contract with Miguel on a napkin, describing the European release of Sublime's third studio album, and the first single, described as "lovin...is what i got."

Another interesting fact about this track can be discovered by listening very carefully at the very end of the track. If you turn up the volume, immediatley following the small burst of noise following the song, you can hear Bradley begin signing the lyrics to the Slightly Stoopid cover track Ain't No Prophet.

Includes samples from Richard Pryor ("Aw, Fucker, you can't even sing") and Too $hort (Life is Too Short).

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