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Westwood One Los Angeles, CA

January 31st 1995

Tazy Phyllipz Photo


  • Snippets of this show can be found soon the Pure Anus bootleg. Hosted by former MTV VJ Riki Racthman and Dr. Drew Pinsky, the band was joined by Todd Zalkins and Miguel.
  • Tazy Phillips: The situation was always, “The guys from Sublime did WHAT? OK, how can we fix it?” And we had to fix it. For example, when they did Lovelines for the first time, Sublime showed up with enough alcohol for a huge party. That's a big no-no for a radio station so I got them to put all the alcohol in the men's bathroom outside the radio station. Every commercial break they were running from studio to the men's room, pounding alcohol. I thought they'd learned a lesson after that, but the next time they went, I'm listening to the show and they start lighting up with Jed the Fish–who's a recovering addict. And they got banned from airplay for two weeks after that.