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KROQ Studios Pasadena, CA

On air interview with Jed the Fish

Thursday, May 4th, 1995


  • Snippets of this interview can be heard on the Bums Lie bootleg
  • After giving the band their first big break by playing Date Rape on his show a few months earlier, KROQ DJ Jed the Fish invites Sublime to drop by the studio and play some records on air. In typical Sublime fashion chaos ensues. The boys proceed to down a whole bottle of Jose Cuervo with Eric on lead, Bud peruses the newest KROQ sexual harassment policy, while Brad closes it out by giving the listeners a new way to ingest THC. Between the conversations, the drinking and smoking, Sublime manages to get booted from the studio and as a result Date Rape was yanked from the air for 2 weeks.