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"Some words from Mike Wells about the tour van

That's right this is the one and only Sublime van. Featured on the album Stand by your Van and used to carry Brad, Eric, Bud, Michael, Lou Dog and Toby dog back and forth across this great continent. All of the early touring was done in this fine piece of Detroit steel.

Brad's dad bought this true beauty of a 1986 Ford Econoline extended van with it's classic short bus fiberglass overhead kit for the guys back in 19?? long before the days of fame. The van was customized with a equipment storage area and a full size mattress for sleeping on the road. (Mattress included) They also blacked out the back windows with custom limo black spray paint. A small loft was added for a small TV and video game set up. This way when the bench seat wasn't being used for the comfort of sleeping you could fold it back up and play Nintendo. The bus was used until 1994 when a used Winnebago was purchased to replace it. Unfortunately the RV proved to be unreliable and the " Great White Land-shark" was again thrust into service. After Brad's sudden and unfortunate passing in 1996 the van sat in Bud's yard waiting for the call to duty. Soon that chance came when Eric and Bud formed "Long Beach Dub Allstars or LBDA" The ultra reliable van was used for short out of town and in-town shows. It had again been retired to Bud's yard when I needed a reliable auto for taking my family to the beach and on camping trips. Bud asked if I wanted to get the "piece of Shit! out of his fuckin yard." I had many good memories of riding to shows and parties in it and had one especially good memory of riding all the way home from Big Bear on that Stinky ass I mean super comfortable mattress after bruising my tail bone snowboarding with Brad and Eric.

You may ask yourself how can I part with this supreme specimen of American art in automobiles. Well after owning and driving it for 6 years I felt that I could no longer keep it cooped up in an undisclosed warehouse. I felt that it needed to be out in the world to serve a true fan. Maybe an up and coming band in need of some serious inspiration. Anyway I can't keep paying storage on it and I already have too many cars. My problem is your salvation. In January 2007 this baby will be auctioned on eBay motors and will go home with the highest bidder. Being that it is almost an RV you can cut a hole in the side of your house and park it as an extra room. It was in good running condition the day I parked it in my warehouse in 2004. The motor was rebuild awhile back during the LBDA. Again if this magnificent piece of metal could talk you can only imagine the stories it could tell. The 2 bullet holes are just an added feature for ventilation."

Copped from the myspace page; http://www.myspace.com/sublimetourvan?orig=Pymk_mailcenter2 . Unfortunately, the owner of the Myspace hasn't been on in over two years, so this reproduced without permission.