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Alternative Press Magazine - June 1, 2004

By Kyle Ryan

What's the Name?

Warped Tour attendees often wonder the same things as they make their way to various stages: Who the hell is Brian? Maurice? And Teal-isn't that a color?The enigmatic names behind the stages at Warped Tour come from the people responisible for them: Greg Teal, Brian Kountz and Maurice Acousta. They're the ones working 12-hour-plus days to make sure the show goes on, unclement weather, equipment failure or riots be damned.

Greg Teal, the man behind the Teal Stage, has been doing heavy lifting for Warped since the beginning. Since before the beginning, actually. When Kevin Lyman first put Warped into motion, he enlisted Teal, who works for Hurley for the rest of the year. The first year was special for a lot of reasons, but for Teal, a lotof it came from working with Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell. "I just feel fortunate to have have known Bradley and to have seen the band," Teals says. " A lot of people people know Sublime and know the songs, but they never got to see the band."