Sloppy Seconds

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Sloppy Seconds (actually spelled Sloppy 2nds) was the high school band before the official Sublime.

  • The band played some Rolling Stones and The Cure covers. And a few original tracks, a few named "Mod Bass Beat" and "6 O'Clock News".

Just a few old memories

  • "Sloppy Seconds once played a show in Garden Grove. After their set, a heavy metal band called Leather Wolf went on stage. The crowd started booing them and throwing beer bottles at the band... and chanting "Sloppy Seconds!"...
  • "...I remember when you guys were practicing in Brad's garage, the cops came and made us poor out all the beer cause we were all underage, and Ted stashed a case? Too funny!!! Ted saved the day!" "...The big brother (Ted) always saved the day, Remember we used to walk around with a quart of Cisco, Cops loved us.."