Petaluma, CA - Phoenix Theater

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Info from the Myspace page:

"The Phoenix Theater opened on dec 4th, 1904 as the Hill Opera house. It has suffered two seperate fires in its lifetime, hence the name "The Phoenix". The Phoenix has served as more than a nightclub. Tom Gaffey opens its doors in the afternoon to teens who might have no place else to go; kids who don't want to go home to abusive or absent parents; adolescents who just want a comfortable place to spend time, away from the watchful eyes of local police, around an adult who understands and respects them -- someone who grew up in the same environment. Calling themselves the "Phoenix Family," these teens not only hang out at the theater but help keep the place clean, including performing minor repairs and renovations. "

  • Interesting fact from the wikipedia page: "Sublime played their last show at the Phoenix, and a memorial to lead singer, Bradley Nowell, can be found backstage, tagged on a wall by the Long Beach Dub Allstars."