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Work That We Do
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1994

Well we realized so long, long ago
And I bet you
That we've seen it all
The lies wont get you

I've got fourteen miles to go
I've got rhythm, common sense
I've got the soul
But I won't wanna come around our love
So why?

If you are rich, I'm gonna hang you on the wall
I'm gonna a find you
And when I find you, I'm gonna get your lovin' arms today

So we fight to get
We fight to get our weary arms to bed
Real love's something that I still hope
People make their own places to go

And now in '94 were gonna lie some more
In 1994 were going to die some more
It it ever going to be the last show?

It's going to be the last straw 
False teeth God to make the cards that we draw
The women don't mind, I've got ample time
And I don't know why that they do

That's work that we do
A work that we do is work that we do
It's just work
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