Lyrics:Under My Voodoo

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Under My Voodoo
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1996

Being your guy is a monster lie
You can hide your love it's true
It's the freedom game you can see it everyday
Let your freedom hang free
Don't you know it ain't no thing you deplore
So don't take more than you need
It's something that I do later
Now it's over now
It's under my voodoo
It's under my voodoo

Pray that I leave you high and dry
Pray you can make me cry
If your fated blood is in my prayers
I damn well feel it's a lie
I'm telling the truth
It ain't no deal if you wanna give in
Like i wanna thing though
And I'm gone it's gone gotta get a get get got
It's under my voodoo
It's under my voodoo
Under my voodoo

(Scat singing)

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