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Superstar Punani
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1997

So tell me if you really wanna be a superstar
But fiesta on the mike and will surely take you far
You made that drop on the 24 tracks
We mix it all down then we put on wax
Beginning is hyped when you playin in the bars
A bottomless pit where you make loose and far
Take away your privacy and take your guitar
Then take your woman and impound your car
My beginning of wisdom I won't take you too far
First you gotta sell your soul to be a superstar

Baby if you got it forget about that
Your money don't concern you that's a natural fact
Shut up your mouth before you get knocked down
We're gonna listen to your voice upon the speaker box
First you get a manager but what does he do
I'll be the first to tell you baby that I don't have a clue
We're gunna make a phony image for the MTV
Hear it on the radio say damn that's me

Whenever I get over on a 3 peice hog
Jesus and her mom are gonna break your arm
Put your ass in the john to be a superstar

I realize sometimes I feel old design
Oh you're in a position that you just can't hide
Ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff ruff

All over the world you gotta take that trip
And then you never thought you'd see the day you'd act like this
Your rep is getting bigger than a B-52
And then it goes around the world before it gets back to you hey!
Our love has started can you believe
Before your eyes this shit just come back to me
Oh my God I take a rest on the side
So long so long so long so long I'll see ya
Oh my God if I'd a let my own
I'd take it turn around and place it home

I realize sometimes I feel old design
Oh you're in a position and you just can't hide
Woah it's the position
I just can't hide

Whatcha want whatcha need
Give it a bunch of mine and you just can't miss
Your love feels like this
Some people love get your shit like this
Well if you love wad up your love punami punami
Woah if you love me 
Punami punami
Oh my God
Free yeah free oh oh oh hey

Want the dogs? Let em go Let em 
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