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Cisco Kid
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1994

Way way way back in the days the year
Had to get a job
Had to make some money-ney
Picked up a pen and a pad
Dropped reality
Never thinking that I would
Live to see the day I rocked my own CD
We used to do the dance we called obie-obie
Now S.T.P. 1993
So Hollywood get out my way
My mom's word seems like yesterday
'Love Jesus, don't forget to pray'
She most have gone with the boss DJ

Next thing you know skinny coming with the 9mm
Cause he who has the money has the authority
And respect to the man with the uzi
The 808 kck is on my hitlist
And this beat's cooking like an Italian
It wasn't hard to do
It was so easy
Because to me loops come naturaly
Moms' words seems like yesterday...(cough)

Now in '94 we got an STP
A half pack of smokes
And oh yes, Aunt Bea
A fifteen pack of Old Milwalkee
A Dalmation and a girlfriend
But I ain't got no money-ne-ne
The 808 is within my reach
Sublime beats are comin' straight from Long Beach
If you think that Hollywood didn't get what he deserved
Call 808 kit to get served
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