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Pool Shark (original)
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1994

Pool Shark is the rawest of nerves, the most bold, cold, hard statements that Brad ever penned. 
More times than not, Brad wrote about what he knew and sadly he knew the dangers of his heroin 
habit. "Lying in my plastic bed, thinking how things weren't so cool to me" is in reference of 
the bed hes detoxing on and his reflection of how his life has turned out. Heroin now has a firm 
grip on him, leaving him weak and in bed while his significant other prefers to go out and live 
life. At one point shooting up (in Brad's eyes) was cool and leveled the playing fields so he 
could be a top player with the musicians that he admired but the coolness has since worn off 
and now its become a problem that he knows won't end up good and in the end it'll cost him everything.
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