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Doin' Time
By: Sublime
Copyright: 1996

Band: Sublime
Song: Doin' Time
Album: Self-titled
Tabbed By: Justin Bortnicker
Tuning: Standard (EADGBE)

**note: their are three different versions of this song that are all very
different.  but each song is based around the chords below.

Intro (Chords Gm-Bb-C-C)

Gm  Bb    C                      Gm    Bb          C
summertime and the livin's easy bradley's on the microphone w/ ras m.g.
Gm   Bb      C                     Gm    Bb      C
all the people in the dance will agree that we are well qualified to
                Cm               D    
represent the lbc g me and louie run to the party dance to the riddim it

gets harder 

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