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Year of Release: 1997

Label: 5b Records

Edition: 2000

Audio Source(s): Audience recording


  1. Dr Woo (Steely Dan)
  2. Boss DJ, Wrong Way
  3. Freeway Time in the LA County Jail
  4. Mary, Get Out, Big Salty Tears (The Ziggens)
  5. Adult Books, Who Do You Know (X)
  6. Talking
  7. Poolshark
  8. Badfish
  9. Leaving This Babylon (Bad Brains Cover)
  10. "Cool and Deadly" Dub
  11. We're Only Gonna Die
  12. Let's Go Get Stoned
  13. Poolshark
  14. Welcome, Tomorrow (Love & Rockets), Greatest Hits
  15. Don't Push
  16. Zimbabwe (Bob Marley)
  17. Saw Red
  18. Garden Grove
  19. KRS-One
  20. Lou Dog Went to the Moon (Camper Van Beethoven)
  21. Zucchini Song (Unknown), Brand New Day (No Doubt), Tim The Dinosaur (The Ziggens)
  22. Guava Jelly (Bob Marley)
  23. Talking
  24. Daucha Cabanna (The Vandals)
  • Released by David Zlaket
  • Refer to 02.02.1995 for more information about this show

Other versions

2nd pressing back

2nd pressing - 100% Love

3rd pressing - Budwieser promo

3rd pressing back

Bong Hits with Bradley

3rd pressing back