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The Whiskey Hollywood, CA

Monday, October 23rd, 1995

sublime DID NOT PLAY!!!!

sublime was billed for the show according to some sources. However the band decided not to play the show and possibly were either doing demos or rehearsals for their new tour. The bands that played this night were NY LOOSE (from the UK) whom were in the LA area recording their next album as headliners Setlist: 1.Deperate Hopeful 2. Pretty Suicide 3. Fade 4. Demons 5. Trash The Given Chance 6. Broken 7. I'm All Wong 8. Spit.

Wesley Willis Fisaco (opened the show - pro-shot video and soundboard exists): Setlist: 1. Wesley Willis Intro. 2.The Frogs 3. Casper The Homosexual Friendly Ghost 04. Get On The Bus 05. I'm Doing It Well on the Side of the Real 06. Jesus Is The Answer 07. Pop That Pussy 08. He's Doin' Time In Jail 09. The Bar Is Closed. 10. I Can't Drive.

Bands performed: