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Total Access Studios Redondo Beach, CA

Sunday, October 22nd, 1995

Unreleased Back Road Tunes.jpg

Demos for the self-titled

Songs recorded:

  1. Caress Me Down
  2. Foolish Fool
  3. Punk Song (Paddle Out)
  4. New Realization
  5. The Wrong Way (acoustic)
  6. The Wrong Way (full band)
  7. Miles Song (Prophet)
  8. Fighting Blindly
  9. Fighting Blindly
  10. Miami


  • They also recorded in Redondo Beach at Total Access studios. They recorded 'Paddle Out,' the only song from those sessions that made the record. They also recorded the original version of 'What I Got,' 'Miami,' and 'Foolish Fool.' a version no one's ever heard. The song, which is also on the acoustic record is amazing." - Blaine Kaplan - Sublime's co-manager