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Bogart’s Long Beach, CA

Saturday, June 29th, 1991


Bands performed:

  • H.R.
  • The Looters
  • Hoi Polloi

Set List

  • Charge
  • Shame In Dem Game
  • Rasta
  • Revolution
  • House of Suffering
  • Leaving Babylon
  • I Luv I Jah
  • Dancing Souls
  • Just Because I’m Poor
  • Prophets Eye
  • Life After Death
  • Jah Like That
  • Sacred Love


  • Sublime had a big library of covers we liked playing at parties. We'd play House of Suffering, I Against I, I Luv I Jah, and a bunch of others. The owner of Bogart's let us practice at the club two days before the show. H.R. showed up there, and we were like kids at Disneyland. I ran up to H.R. with Brad telling him, We play this, and we can play that. I remember I asked him if we could play House of Suffering, and he told me I could have it. He said, It's yours, man. You can have it. like, I can now own the Bad Brains song House of Suffering. - Eric Wilson
  • We knew the promoter, Steve Zepeda and the says, It's H.R. without the Bad Brains. He's doing his solo reggae thing. We were like, that's cool. We were really excited about it. We were already making flyers and then he calls me and says, Hey, we have bad news. We are canceling that show with H.R. He can make it, but his band can't. He wanted to come anyway and read poetry or something like that, but I don't think its will sell tickets. We had been so fired up to do it. I was like, Wait, he can make it but his band can't? I go, Actually that's kinda of good. We know a lot of the songs. We play a lot of those songs in our set right now. We could probably back him. So he asked H.R. if he was interested in that. - Miguel Happoldt
  • Sublime ended up playing a show with H.R. at Bogart's in Long Beach. We were the opening act. It was myself, Eric, Brad at the time. Miguel was onstage as well during that period. I guess a lot of reggae artists sometimes used bands to back them up, especially the solo singers, and that's what H.R. did. We played as Sublime, and then played with H.R. too. We already knew all thhe Bad Brains songs because we are huge fans. And then we did a lot of his Human Rights stuff: Rasta and Shame In Dem Game. - Marshall Goodman
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