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Harder Stadium Santa Barbara, CA

Extravaganza '95

Saturday, May 13th, 1995

Free Show


sublime on stage in Santa Barbara 1995

Bands Performed:

  • Coolio
  • The Untouchables
  • Mojo Nixon
  • The Fuzz
  • The Nonce
  • Jimmy 2 Times
  • Water
  • Spencer The Gardener
  • The Ziggens
  • Cory Sipper


  • Extravaganza is an annual free campus music festival held at the University of California, Santa Barbara every year since 1988. It takes place towards the end of spring quarter and is funded by a student lock-in fee. The event is planned, promoted, and run by the Associated Students Program Board. In recent years, the festival has downsized the number of bands in order to bring bigger-name acts, although the first performer is almost always a local act.