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Shoreline Park Long Beach, CA

The "14th Annual Beachfest"

Tuesday, April 25th, 1995

Bands performed:

  • Sublime
  • Del Noah & the Mt. Ararat Finks
  • Tiki Tones (the Swamp Zombies)
  • The Ziggens
  • Cisco Poison (headed by Joe Wood, late of TSOL)
  • The DD Wood Band (featuring Mrs. Joe Wood)
  • The Humpers
  • The Rugburns
  • Thelonious Monster
  • Manic Hispanic (with members of Cadillac Tramps, Joyride and the Grabbers)
  • National Peoples Gang
  • Throw Rag
  • All Day

For full lineup, see this LA Times Article; http://articles.latimes.com/1995-04-21/entertainment/ca-57296_1_long-beach/4


Full Show From Crowd Source Johnny Bleed Remaster [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4DjFC3JP0E ]

  1. House Of Suffering
  2. 40 Oz. To Freedom
  3. Dont Push
  4. Garden Grove
  5. New Trash
  6. Sacred Love (Bad Brains Cover)
  7. Date Rape
  8. Lets Go Get Stoned


  • Steve Zepeda was the Talent Buyer/Event Coordination for this show.
  • This outdoor show was not planned on being so large so Sublime's sound system was not up to par with what it would have taken to reach the large crowd. Many people in the crowd got rowdy because they couldn't hear Sublime clearly and people were throwing fireworks. The recording is from a camera nearly a football field away in the middle of a crowd. It's very difficult to make out the band because the camera picked up the people talking, the wind, and all the fireworks. Though, this recording is quite significant because it has been the only recording released that has the cover of the old song "Sacred Love" (mistakenly named as Scarlet Love by some) by the Bad Brains. This is probably one of the worst recordings of Sublime other than Wetlands.

From the LA Times:

The 12th annual Beach Fest in Long Beach on Saturday and Sunday will offer a feast of local roots music and alternative rock bands.

Steve Zepeda, who used to book Bogart's, is coordinating talent for the event, which will raise money for more than 70 Long Beach charities and social service agencies. Beach Fest also will feature a variety of booths, games and food concessions.

Beach Fest will take place at Shoreline Park, Shoreline Drive and Pine Avenue. Admission: $10 at the gate, $8 in advance via Ticketmaster. Students, military personnel and senior citizens pay $5.


BeachFest '95

14th annual event entertains thousands at Shoreline Park

By Bret Blount, Forty-Niner Online

April 25, 1995

Earth Day kicked off the 14th Annual BeachFest at Shoreline Park on Saturday, entertaining thousands of people with chili, sun, beer and over-40 bands throughout the weekend.

Many events returned from last year, including the world's largest chili cook-off, the ugly dog contest, the Rancho Liquor Wine & Dine d'Elegence, the flower and garden expo, pig races and carnival rides.

New this year was Club VR, where people could experience the new technologies of virtual reality � a virtual reality helmet, projection systems, interactive multimedia and electronic acid.

"I'm glad I saw Club VR because I have a better idea of the technology that's out there but I wasn't very impressed," Cal State Long Beach student Dane Madsen said.

Also new this year was Virtually There: An Adventure in Motion, which was presented by AT&T. The attraction gave visitors a state-of-the-art motion simulation theater similar to Disneyland's Star Tours.

The Sigma Chi fraternity and its version of spicy chili was the only entry from CSULB this year.

"I like chili but it's way too hot outside to enjoy it today," CSULB student Jason Minello said on Sunday.

The festivities closed Sunday afternoon with the sounds of local bands set up on five stages.

"It's cool that a lot of different kinds of people showed up to watch the bands," Miniello said. "One Hit Wonder and Sublime were really great."

Acoustical problems plagued Sublime's performance. The microphones periodically went out and the sound system was not equipped to reach the large outdoor crowd.

Out of apparent frustration, the crowd pelted the stage with various objects, including firecrackers.

"I think people would have been less rowdy had Sublime provided a better sound system," CSULB student David Hagemann said.

"We've been on tour for the last three months on the East Coast," Sublime bassist Eric Wilson said. "For the most part, it was cold. We are glad to be back here playing in the heat."