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KROQ Studio Los Angeles, CA

Monday, April 8th, 1996

Duration- 10:26

  • Used on the bums Lie Bootleg. Includes interview, Just Ice (As requested by Brad), and Greatest Hits.

Mastering of Self-Titled Album at Bernie Grundman's

  • Original Sequence of the Sublime Self-Titled album as Brad Nowell had created at the famed LA mastering studio; Bernie Grundman's.
  1. Trenchtown Rock
  2. Doin' Time
  3. Wrong Way
  4. Paddle Out
  5. What I Got
  6. Pawn Shop
  7. April 29th, 1992 (Miami)
  8. Santeria
  9. Seed
  10. Jailhouse
  11. Caress Me Down
  12. The Ballad Of Johnny Butt
  13. Under My Voodoo
  14. Burritos
  15. Same In The End
  16. Get Ready
  17. What I Got (Reprise)
  18. Garden Grove
  • At the time of its release, the Gershwin estate would not grant permission for the use of the "Doin' Time" vocal because they felt that Nowell's new lyrical content was a fundamental change to the original composition and copyright. The band had to excise "Doin' Time" from "Sublime," at which point Nowell shuffled the order, and also chose to drop "Trenchtown Rock" in its entirety.