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The Stone Pony Asbury Park, NJ

Sunday, April 2nd, 1995

Filmed by Ian MacKenzie Smith

  1. STP
  2. Saw Red
  3. Falling Idols
  4. Jailhouse
  5. Don't Push
  6. Garden Grove
  7. Right Back
  8. New Thrash
  9. 40 Oz To Freedom
  10. 5446
  11. House Of Suffering
  12. Pool Shark
  13. Badfish
  14. My Age
  15. Let's Go Get Stone
  16. Hope
  17. Scarlet Begonias
  18. Greatest Hits
  19. Last Call For Pussy
  20. We're Only Gonna Die
  21. Work That We Do
  22. World Of Inflation
  23. Great Stone

Bands Performed:

  • Hogan's Heroes


"It was with Hogan's Heroes that I played this show... must have been kinda funny for Brad considering HIS first band (as I found out by posting these vids) was also called Hogan's..... weird. I had never even HEARD of Sublime before we played with 'em. Never saw them again, although I can say they certainly were the real thing. I've played with thousands of bands over the years, never seemed to matter whether a band was big or small. The attitudes could be bad either way. You can always tell the ones who don't do it for the music, always spot the fakers. The guys who came up from cover bands and made it... the douches who made it through a "showcase" deal and never worked for it a fucking day of their lives. Sublime was the exact opposite. " -Ian MacKenzie Smith - Hogan's Heroes/OS101