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Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA

Sunday, January 15th, 1995

All Ages Show




Bands Performed:

  • Mudsharks
  • Rudiments

Not Notes

  • Just confirmed that Sublime did indeed play this show. I received a used ticket stub from someone who was at this show and saw Sublime play.

hey look: I don't care if someone was able to 'confirm' this event for you, I'm gonna tell you the whole truth, believe it or don't. I remember the night quite well, as on this date the San Francisco 49ers played the Dallas Cowboys for the NFC championship at Candlestick Park. The 49ers won 38-28, and I left the stadium aglow and took a bus through streets of a city that was a madhouse of revelry all across town. By the time I got to the venue on O'Farrell, it was different story, and they were sending people home & the show had been cancelled. I immediately called Jon Phillips in LA and he had bad news. He told me that Brad had been unable to travel due to a heroin OD in Long Beach and the band was forced to cancel a sold out show. Tickets were definitely printed and over 500 were sold, but the show DID NOT happen...Shortly after this I offered my house up in Sonoma County as place for Brad to song write, chill & get away from the low lives in Long Beach he kept messing around with, but this did not happen and neither did the gig. - Lil Mike