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Kommotion San Francisco, CA

Saturday, December 10th, 1994

Flyer 2

All Ages Show


$5 advance, $6 at the door

Bands Performed:

  • Conspiracy
  • Strung Out
  • Shotwell Comet


Blaine Kaplan - Sublime's Booking Agent & Co-manager writes in Crazy Fool:

"But where I really got a feel for the Sublime scene was at this place called the Kommotion. It was a little, punk rock, art collective in the Mission District, somewhere between Folsom and Harrison on 16th, I think. It's just a glorified practice room with some make-shift plywood bleachers on one side--about 40 feet long.

They had a multi-track live mixer, and some of the songs from the 'Badfish' EP came from Kommotion. I know 'We Are Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance' was recorded at one of their shows there. That was my first real experience going to some dirtbag, punk rock underground show, paying two bucks and walking in with a 12-pack. People were sprawled out, drinking jug wine-- it was just crazy. It was cool, though. It was summer of '94, and it was a really interesting point for the band. Not only were they big on the SoCal underground, but Northern California was vibing on them, too. Word was spreading all over. People weren't really into reggae as much, but they knew when Sublime played, it was a party.

The Second of the two Kommotion shows, everyone was so fuckin' loaded, and it was the classic Sublime show. There must've been about 25 friends on stage with them while they were playing. They've got this one friend, Buddy, who was part of the Church of Rock N Roll in the East Bay, and he was actually passed out on stage. Brad was straddling him while he was playing, and everyone was yelling, 'Buddy, get up, you pussy, and do 20 push-ups!' He started waking up, and when he came to he grabbed the mike and said, 'There's no need for push-ups.' It was so funny. They played 'Scarlet Begonias' and Buddy was singing along in the drunken stupor. It was chaos, and it was classic Sublime. The party's on stage, off the stage, around the stage, everywhere."