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Rock The Boat DVD Cover (sk8eddie)

Long Beach Harbor Long Beach, CA

Sunday, March 24th, 1991

"Rock the Boat"

Long Beach, CA - March 24th, 1991

Recorded by Ken McCall Jr.

  1. Badfish
  2. Jammin' (Bob Marley Cover)
  3. Live At E's
  4. "Kingston Freestyle"
  5. Minor Threat (Minor Threat Cover)
  6. Crazy (Patsy Cline Cover)
  7. Tie One On (Ziggens Cover)
  8. Woman's A Tramp
  9. Caress Me Down (With Lotsa Banter)
  10. ???
  11. Ball And Chain
  12. I Shot The Sheriff (Bob Marley Cover)
  13. talking after the show (e.g. with Brad)

  • Marshall Goodman is playing drums and raps on Live at E's, although unfortunately the camera is switched off during the most of his rap.


  • This is the earliest circulated video, with only Georgi's Birthday party and the "Reggae Beanie" house party show being known to be filmed before this.
  • In Badfish, the lines "Please don't kick my ass, I thought we were fellows" then later, "Please don't kick my ass, I was only getting high" are sung instead of "Ain't got no time to grow old".
  • The next song is "Jammin" by Bob Marley. Unfortunately, during most of song, and most of the video the camera-person is interviewing people on the boat. Also, during this song Kenny, the person who's party is interviewed and then later seen dancing to the music. Also, a few requests for Date Rape can be heard coming from the guests.
  • In "Live At E's", some of the beginning lines sound to be different than from the album version. Also, during this song, it offers one of the few shots of the band. The guests of the party begin chanting "Go Marshall! Go Marshall" and Marshall Goodman breaks into a freestyle rap. The camera is shut off for much of the rap.
  • After Live At E's is played, Brad goes into a freestyle. "I miss Kingston. I miss Kingston. ???? ???? Kingston. ????? ???? Kingston. Getting high in Kingston. You want a ??????, ???? ???? lie, baby. You want a car, come with me. ???? Kingston. I wont make this. I pack a 9mm or an Uzi or A-K. So what's up, ese? ????? ????? BOOM! Suck on that, mother fucker! If you put your mind ???? ?????, Down in the gutter. Like a ??? fuckin'. It's criminally. Right on this boat, Monday. Say a big fuck you, to the boys dressed in blue. You went for an elevator ride. Came out with two black eyes. Busted lip, and a fuckin' hip. You want to talk some more shit? What's up, you want to play like this?"
  • Then it goes into a 2 minute guitar solo, in which it sounds like part of the "Cool and Deadly" from Tressel's Tavern (Memories) show is played. Then the Brad freestyle continues, (6:01) "Beat, bass, don't make me laugh. I hear mother fuckers calling p-tap. What the fuck you figure? ???? gunshots ???, hit the floor, just another nigga poor, funky town.... " then Brad does a sleng tang reggae skat. "Some buddha, smoke some buddha. "
  • Pictures can be seen being taken throughout the end of this song. Then the band goes into Minor Threat's cover of the song "Minor Threat". The crowd is moshing, and the camera gets real shaky. Then, it gets cut off for 15 seconds, and when the video starts back up, Brad can be heard starting the "Buddha" freestyle again. Camera gets shut off again, and when it comes back on the band has already began the next song.
  • When the recording continues, the band has already begun playing "Crazy" by Patsy Cline. During the song, the camera man is talking to one of the guests (girl in white jacket) who is also taking pictures of the show. Then the camera cuts again for about 15 seconds.
  • Then "Tie One On" by the Ziggens can be heard. The camera cuts for another 15 seconds, and Brad announces "Get funky now!" and goes into another cover? referred to as "Woman's A Tramp".
  • At the 7:57:45 timestamp, the camera zooms in on something hanging from the rafters. It appears to be a possibly be an audio recording device?
  • Caress me down on this show is actually just a long freestyle on "Sleng Teng" riddim. Sublime used "Sleng Teng" to some extent on "Caress Me Down" later on. For more information about the original riddim, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleng_teng . Unfortunately, during a large portion of the song, the camera-lady goes to the top of the boat and the song is almost completely inaudible.
  • As the camera person is going down to the bottom deck, the "Caress Me Down" freestyle is finishing, and Ball & Chain is starting. Many people on the boat know the song and sing along to it. Lots of moshing going on during the song.
  • The next track is a cover of Bob Marley's famous song "I Shot The Sheriff". This is the only recording of Sublime to feature this cover. At the end of the track Brad freestyles another part and ends it with "Peace and Unity!"