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Kai Kln

Sacramento 1990-2000?




  • Gene Smith, Vocals/Guitars
  • Scott Anderson, Bass Guitar
  • Sherman Loper, Guitars
  • Neil Franklin, Drums
  • James Telles, roadie for Kai Kln, which included dressing in leather mini-skirts and whipping the crowds into submission. He then got his masters degree from Sac State.

They played the second to last Sublime show ever in Chico called "Cheekapalooka '96" on May 23rd, 1996.


  • "Rhythm Of Strange", Album 1991
  • "Vigoda", Album 1993

Their site describes them as:

  • Their music combines element's of 70's rock with those of classic early 80's metal & hardcore, to create a sound for the 90's that is singularly their own. But don't think it is all about heavy jams and fast beats. KAI KLN's music runs the gamete of melodic ecstasy to break-neck, adrenaline rush rhythms.

  • Article borrowed up and updated from, an interesting website about Sacramento ska type bands; http://inbredbands.com/