Del Noah & the Mt. Ararat Finks

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Del Noah & the Mt. Ararat Finks is a Hot Rod Surf band from Long Beach, California. Formed in 1992 by brothers, Brent and Blair Walker, Del Noah is known for their 50's drag hot rod instrumentals and strange sense of humor in their songs. The list of Del Noah members (as shown below) didn't become solid until 1996 when drummer Greg "Mudd" Lowther and Eric Wilson went on a fishing trip in Mexico, where there they talked about Eric's next musical move after the demise of Sublime when Eric mentioned he wanted to play surf music; having a bass spot open, Mudd asked if Eric would like to try out, soon after he joined Del Noah full time. In 1999 Del Noah released Del Noah & the Mt. Ararat Finks...In Blower Explosion on Skunk Records.

Band members:

  • Vince Meghrouni- Sax, Flute, Vocals
  • Greg "Mudd" Lowther- Drums
  • Eric Wilson- Upright bass
  • Brent Walker- Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
  • Blair Walker- Vocals, Organs, Guitar