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Snow King Resort Jackson Hole, WY


Wednesday, December 20th, 1995

Bands performed:

  • Dance Hall Crashers
  • Kilgore Smudge


  • Recorded by Ed 'Wardo' Benson
  • I was playing with my old alt-metal band from Providence, Kilgore Smudge, on a stretch of the Snow-Core tour in 1995 with Sublime and Dancehall Crashers. There were two gigs. One was in Salt Lake City and one in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Well, we were much too heavy and a complete mismatch for this bill and the first night they HATED us! We were getting stuff thrown at us on stage and I would play a chord, pick up a plastic bottle, huck it back into the crowd, play another chord, kick a rolled up ball of trash, and so on. I was actually having fun with it, ha! The second night, was the complete opposite. The crowd went nuts during our set. Huge mosh pit, crowd surfing, the works. There was a line of kids waiting for autographs from us while Sublime was playing their set. It was completely crazy. Lots can happen in 48 hours! - Brian McKenzie