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Soma San Diego, CA

Saturday, November 11th, 1995



Mislabeled CD Bootleg Front
Mislabeled CD Bootleg Back
Mislabeled Bootleg Disc Cover
Show Flyer

Bands performed:

  • Mr. Mirainga
  • The Grabbers
  • The Ziggens
  • No Use for a Name
  • Strung Out
  • Incubus

"Live at Soma"

San Diego, CA November 11th, 1995

Recorded on by "Core Sound Binaural" mics to a Fostex D-5 by Melinda B. Thompson (RIP 1967-2000)

  1. Saw Red [ https://youtu.be/zdBddmv0ugw ]
  2. Don't Push
  3. Garden Grove
  4. Right Back
  5. New Thrash
  6. All You Need [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUTvJnsq-W8 ]
  7. Hope
  8. Scarlet Begonias
  9. Warning Sign [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30y-baQWt5U ]
  10. Work That We Do
  11. 40oz. to Freedom
  12. Pool Shark [ https://youtu.be/EJRtEyDbC9g ]
  13. 5446
  14. Date Rape
  15. D.J.'s
  16. Were Only Gonna Die For Our Own Arrogance
  17. Smoke Two Joints
  18. STP
  19. Ebin
  20. Minor Threat
  21. Badfish
  22. House of Suffering


  • Often mislabeled as "live at Canes" due to a mistake regarding the venue on a cd-r artwork Biff made for it.
  • In the beginning of the show, Brad says "Fuck it! Hey man if you could get these things turned on before the end of the night that'd be key.. cause they look real nice sitting here; they look really fucking pro!" Might be referring to the high quality video equipment used to record the show.
  • Following "Saw Red" Brad says; "Alright then, Rock. Lets rock this mother. cause this place can rock. Where we at? Whats up gang!?"
  • During the distorted guitar in the middle of "Right Back," Brad begins to sing "What would we do without the DJ!" before going back to the chorus of the song.
  • "Alright we'll play a song. All You Need alright?," then asks the audience with a growling "Sup?" This performance of All You Need is used in the Music Video on the Everything Under The Sun Boxset. (See link above.)
  • Before "40 oz to freedom" Brad says "Hi Jason. lookin hot tonight." Probably in reference to Jason Westfall.
  • After "Minor Threat" Brad mentions they only one more, but finishes this recording strong with a performance of Badfish and the Bad Brains cover "House of Suffering". Brad then closes out the show with "Thanks out to No Use. Let's hear it No Use For A Name! See ya next time."
  • Random Fact: This show has been mistakenly traded as the "Monster Truck Show".

Photos used with permission from Hector Roberts. For the entire set, visit his webpage at http://homepage.mac.com/hectorroberts/host/sublime/index.html