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Kommotion San Francisco, CA

Friday, September 9th, 1994

All Ages Show


9:30 p.m.

Bootleg Front Cover

Bands performed:

  • Marginal Prophets
  • Breathe - a tribute to Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, (it was his 50th birthday and members of Bomb, Helios Creed & Eric McFadden performed a set of Pink Floyd material)
  • D.J. Wiki Wiki & DJ Bobo Romo

== "Kommotion" == aka Klub Komotion

San Fransisco, CA - September 9th, 1994

  1. Don't Push
  2. Right Back
  3. New Thrash
  4. Let's Go Get Stoned
  5. Greatest Hits
  6. Pool Shark
  7. Untitled Dub
  8. Sound Check Dub
  9. STP
  10. Scarlet Begonias
  11. 5446, Date Rape
  12. Work That We Do
  13. Badfish
  14. House of Suffering
  15. DJ's
  16. Hope, 16 Second Dub
  17. We're Only Gonna Die


  • Blaine Kaplan - Sublime's Co-manager & Booking Agent writes in Crazy Fool:

But where I really got a feel for the Sublime scene was at this place called the Kommotion. It was a little, punk rock, art collective in the Mission District, somewhere between Folsom and Harrison on 16th, I think. It's just a glorified practice room with some make-shift plywood bleachers on one side--about 40 feet long.

They had a multi-track live mixer, and some of the songs from the 'Badfish' EP came from Kommotion. I know 'We Are Only Gonna Die for Our Arrogance' was recorded at one of their shows there.

That was my first real experience going to some dirtbag, punk rock underground show, paying two bucks and walking in with a 12-pack. People were sprawled out, drinking jug wine-- it was just crazy. It was cool, though. It was summer of '94, and it was a really interesting point for the band. Not only were they big on the SoCal underground, but Northern California was vibing on them, too. Word was spreading all over. People weren't really into reggae as much, but they knew when Sublime played, it was a party.''

  • In the first few tracks of Kommotion one thing is certain, the crowd is definitely feeling Sublime's sound. They cheer and yell when Eric goes solo or Brad sings a chorus, and they sing the words to the songs in between. And Sublimes performance- some of their best. At the end of "Untitled Dub," to later become Pawn Shop on their Self Titled album, the crowd insists the band do Date Rape. "Alright alright alright, Later later later.." Brad says, and goes into the Sound check Dub. STP is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the bootleg. Their performance speaks for itself. At the end of Scarlet Begonias they start to go into a dub, but Brad changes his mind. By track 11 they finally give the crowd what they want by going into Date Rape from 5446. This transition isn't shown in the Stand By Your Van release. In the Bad Brains cover House of Suffering, they have stop to change the bass tuning. Brad interacts with the crowd, many of them shouting out requests.The show ends with a strong performance of We're Only Gonna Die, exhibiting Sublime's mellow, soulful side, along with their noisy, punk side. Kommotiom is without question one of Sublime's best live performances.