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KDOC Channel 56 Studios Orange County, CA

Thursday, September 1st, 1994

In studio performance


  • After a year’s run, Poorman created, owned and hosted “The Love Channel” (KDOC-TV Los Angeles/five nights a week). This live late night show was the forerunner to MTV’s “Loveline”; viewers called the program with love problems and received advice from the host, a medical doctor, and celebrity guest ‘love doctors’. Guest ‘love doctors’ included Jillian Barberie, Sublime, Cory Feldman, Kelly Slater, and director David Zucker.
  • Jim 'Poorman' Trenton: They were a good but boy did those guys party. After playing a couple songs the guys came over and sat down on the couch. I remember Bradley sitting there with his guitar totally out of it. At one point I asked them when their next tour was, Bradley said, "tour?" and stood up and walked off.