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The Lot & Field at Melody Fair [Wurlitzer Park]North Tonawanda, NY

Sunday, August 20th, 1995

Newspaper Ad

"Warped Tour: North Tonawanda, NY"

North Tonawanda, NY - August 20th, 1995

  1. 40 Oz. To Freedom [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ckJo8vGwwg ]
  2. Great Stone Freestyle
  3. Were Only Gonna Die
  4. Prison Oval Rock
  5. DJ's [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5taPk7Lye_4 ]
  6. Guy Talkin Shit


  • Ever wonder what Sublime sounds like wasted? It is obvious on the recording that Bradley has had more then a few beers.
  • After Sublime's set, a guy (from Warped?) starts bitching out the crowd calling them stupid motherfuckers and telling them the show's over. -joHn

  • The band had already got 4 previous warnings to curb their behavior and had been given their last strike. Louie had been biting people at this show. Someone brought kegs for the band and the boys went on stage lit up. The venue had been rained on and the audience began throwing mud balls at each other. Then someone threw one on stage while the band performed. Eric threw one back, and chaos ensued. The Warped crew didn't like that and they shut the show down.
  • Also, in the video you can see 2 other video cameras recording the show. One is an handheld crank cam, and the other is on a tripod. Both are stage-left.