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Olympic Velodrome Dominguez Hills, CA

Saturday, May 6th, 1995

Recorded by Ron Munoz


12 p.m.

Bootleg Front Cover
Bootleg Back Cover

Bands Performed:

  • Social Distortion
  • Face to Face
  • No Doubt
  • Guttermouth
  • The Vandals
  • The Joykiller
  • Fluf
  • Dance Hall Crashers
  • Unwritten Law
  • Excel
  • Dime Store Hoods
  • The Grabbers
  • FYP
  • Lidsville
  • Further

"Olympic Velodrome"

Dominguez Hills, CA - May 6th, 1995

  1. Don't Push, Garden Grove, Right Back, New Thrash
  2. Bradley Talking
  3. Saw Red
  4. Tuning Song
  5. Badfish
  6. Hope
  7. Scarlet Begonias
  8. Work That We Do
  9. STP
  10. 5446, House Of Suffering
  11. I Love My Dog
  12. Poolshark, Myage, Z-man
  1. Total Hate '95 (Brad comes onto stage with No Doubt to perform) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wibSJvyAt9E
  • Punk rock, not [Tom] Petty's stately, chiming Rickenbackers, is the real soundtrack for skate culture: Orange County's Offspring and the South Bay's Pennywise being two hot Southland punk bands that, before KROQ started pumping punk hard last spring, had made legions of fans by lending their songs to soundtracks for skateboarding and snowboarding action videos.
  • Hence the "Board in Orange County" show on Saturday, followed by Sunday's scheduled "Board in South Bay," two 10-hour punk and ska programs with bands (30 in all on the main stage over the two days), mosh pits and, right next to the sound-mixing board on the Velodrome floor, a towering skateboarding ramp where helmeted riders soared or tumbled through the daylight hours.
  • The day also was marred by a bizarre episode on stage. As singer-guitarist Trever Keith of Face to Face performed the band's song, "Disconnected," a man charged him from behind and sent the utterly unsuspecting rocker sprawling from the high stage. Keith emerged bruised but not seriously hurt from his steep fall. Face to Face stalked off in anger, but re-emerged to complete its set after a five-minute delay.
  • The Board in O.C. festival on May 6 will play to a sellout crowd of 10,000 fans, making it the biggest rock show ever to focus on bands that have sprung from Orange County's punk-alternative movement.
  • Originally planned for an athletic field at UC Irvine, the 10-hour festival has been moved to a Los Angeles County site, the Olympic Velodrome on the campus of Cal State Dominguez Hills in Carson.
  • Promoter Paul Tollett said his company, Goldenvoice, decided to move the show after UC Irvine officials began to exhibit "major cold feet" last week over whether the rock festival would be too large and risky an undertaking.