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Bootleg Front Cover
Bootleg Back Cover

The Fox Theatre & Cafe Boulder, CO

Thursday, April 20th, 1995

"Fox Theatre"

Boulder, CO - April 20th, 1995

Recorded by Unknown

Lucas STP has the 'master' CD-R and distributed first known copies

Disc One

  1. House Of Suffering
  2. Babylon Stone
  3. Poolshark
  4. Saw Red
  5. Scarlet Begonias
  6. Tuning
  7. Badfish
  8. My Age (Descendents)
  9. Smoke Two Joints
  10. Falling Idols
  11. 40oz To Freedom
  12. We're Only Going To Die
  13. Waiting For My Ruca
  14. Don't Push
  15. Garden Grove
  16. Right Back

Disc Two

  1. Minor Threat
  2. Date Rape
  3. Drum Dub
  4. Dj's
  5. I Love My Dog
  6. Jailhouse
  7. Ebin
  8. All You Need
  9. Party At Ground Zero (Fishbone)
  10. Stp
  11. Rawhide
  12. Work That We Do


  • This is an amazing show. It is one of the longest sets recorded, and a few of the songs played here were not played at any other (recorded/circulated) shows. The quality of the recording is quite good, the only flaw is a few levels peaked a bit. Between nearly every song you can hear banter between Brad and the band.
  • This is the last show of the tour. Brad and the guys show up too late to do a sound check, and it can be heard on the first track.
  • Brad mentions, "I'm bad, you know, these strings have been on since New York City (April 9th - Wetlands '95 show). That about a week and a half of strings. By the grace of God they haven't broke"
  • In the middle "Tuning Track" before Badfish, Brad challenges Eric to a drinking challenge. And ends up losing, "I lost again! Winner and still champion, Eric Wilson"
  • They are returning home after this show (To be seen 5 days later at the 04.25.1995 Beachfest '95) and Brad and Eric are going to catch some waves. Bud plans to "surf on some mattress reef" with his girl. Before 40oz to freedom, Brad and Eric can be heard having another drink challenge, finally with a tie.
  • Before Ruca, an unknown guitar riff is played.
  • After Date Rape, Bud can be heard playing a drum dub.
  • Before "I Love My Dog" Brad can be heard saying, "Check it out! Crazy bitch is going to write a movie about the song, Ruca. Wants me to play it all over again. And I told her she better just change her cinematic.... YEAH YEAH YEAH! Okay. How long we been gone? A few months? I haven't had my dog. My sweet spotted Lou Dog. So, when I was on the road awhile back, he wrote this song. He has a dog, too, and he wrote this song... And it's called I Love... (Crowd Yelling) No, it's a dalmation, bro. Ain't a shepard. So, just bare with us, because we don't know it that well. FUCK ALL YA'LL. Just listen, alright?"
  • Humorously, before Jailhouse, Brad can be heard talking about people getting up on the mic, and gives an explanation of the song, Jailhouse "Let's do Jailhouse... I just want to play Jailhouse... (recording cuts) Well, I shouldn't say we don't know. Shouldn't say "Shit" I hate when fuckers get up on the microphone and run off on the mouth and start popping off at the lip. They're just.. Ain't no shit. We're just a bunch of fuckin' drunks kickin' back. This is actually.. about rude boys. Rudy. RU-DY. Who knows who Rudy is? You know that song "A message to you Rudy". It's talking about rude boys. RU-DY. Ain't someone's fuckin' name. Well, we ain't Rudys. We are law abiding, cock suckin' citizens...."
  • Before Ebin, "Hey Shawn, your roommate is cracked-out. He sold his car for shit at that crack spot. And it's Reed's birthday, so happy birthday Ebin? Reed, whatever. So let's play Ebin. This is like the second time we've played this song in two months because I really don't dig it that much because it's not reggae. It's kind of like some other band should be playing this song, yeah, like Caja Googoo or Haircut 100."
  • In the second disk (Track 9) is a cover of Fishbone's "Party at Ground Zero". This is the only bootleg to hear this cover. Brad is unfamiliar with some of the lyrics, and substitutes "Whatever whatever" for some of the lyrics he doesn't know.
  • On the second disk is the only live version of the old cover of "Rawhide". Which appeared as a hidden track on the first pressing of 40oz To Freedom after Date Rape.
  • On the last track, Work That We Do, Brad says "This is about the Work that we do, you know, we are getting paid 25 grand from ya'll tonight. Ain't bad for a nights work, huh? It's in the contract, and all the cocaine and hookers we want."