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The Wetlands New York, NY

High Times/Skunk Records Benefit Show

Thursday, April 11th, 1996

All Ages Show

Flyer 2

Bands performed:

  • DFL
  • Wesley Willis Fiasco
  • Lordz of Brooklyn

"The Wetlands"

New York, NY - April 11th, 1996

  1. KRS-One
  2. Same In The End [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYsoyx_LD_g ]
  3. Falling Idols
  4. Scarlet Begonias / Warning Sign (Born Jamericans), Good Hole College (Red Dragon), ???
  5. All The Fun We Missed (The Ziggens)
  6. Sour Grapes (Descendents)
  7. Pool Shark
  8. Good Hole College (Red Dragon) / ??? / Djs
  9. Smoke Two Joints [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4S7cC6c0k4 ]
  10. 40 Oz. To Freedom
  11. I'm Not Afraid (???)
  12. Tim The Dinosaur (The Ziggens)
  13. Seed
  14. Tuning song / Work That We Do [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgMRIx2QPBA ]
  15. 5446 That's My Number
  16. House Of Suffering (Bad Brains)
  17. Wetlands segment plus Eddies Edit [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcTgNgPItw0 ]


  • A video of this show exists but is not in the common circulation. However, audio taken from the video has surfaced.
  • Bradley starts playing "Lazerbeam" before "All The Fun We Missed" but quits it almost right away. They also play part of Red Dragon's "Good Hole College" again, followed by few lines from some other dancehall song in the beginning of Djs.
  • As for the set, one of the best recordings available but unfortunately the opposite can be said regarding the sound quality.
  • Also, there is a good quality soundboard recording of this show which is featured in the "Wetlands Preserved" video.

  • Some words about this show from Sublimes co-manager Blaine Kaplan:

"We drive to New York the next day to play the east coast version of our High Times benefit with DFL. The show was at the Wetlands and Brad was only two days into detoxing, but he'd already turned the corner. he was coming back to himself." - from Crazy Fool: Portrait of a Punk


  • Before Same In The End, Brad can be heard saying "We just got back from Texas, hung out with a guy named Paul Leary from Butthole Surfers, and we wrote a bunch of new songs so we are going to play them for you tonight. This ones called (I havent gone boogie boarding yet?)".. later during singing the song he seems to not remember the correct lyrics or freestyles some lyrics. It's difficult to understand.."
  • They do an amazing version of Falling Idols during this show.

(Recording cuts for two tracks)

  • The guys do a version of Sour Grapes, the cover of the Descendant's track. Then says something to the effect of "That was genetically engineered"
  • After Sour Grapes, Brad begins with a very slow and soul felt version of Poolshark. It's hard to listen to, because this was the last time Brad had decided to sober up. He had just quit his addiction, and this is the song written about his addiction. During the slow chorus version, Brad freestyles the line "Now I have got that needle... And I could shake. But I can't breathe. Take it away... but I want more and more. One moment kids kids are going to lose the war... Lying in my plastic bed, really nowhere to shoot my disease..." Chillingly, this was the only time this freestyle line was ever said.
  • After Poolshark, Brad makes some kind of comment about "Give me a B", trying to tune the guitar for the next track, a special extended version of DJ's...
  • During the song break, Brad can be heard saying "Glad we've got the Lordz of Brooklyn coming up. *Something*. And remember why we're all here" (High Times Party Festival). "If you ever get pulled over by the cops, you ask them, put anything you're happening to be carrying in your.. (missing audio).. they'll make you think they can search you and do whatever they want, they can't arrest you! And if they try to search your car tell them you're in a hurry and you want to get on your way.... Are you under arrest? Ask them. Am I under arrest, ask them, and be in a big ass hurry. Thats your right. That's your RIGHT. No illegal search and seizure!! " *Crowd cheers* Then the band transitions into a version of Smoke Two Joints, Bradley singing and laughing at the beginning. In this version Brad shines on the guitar reggae style."
  • After Smoke Two Joints, the band flows right over into 40oz To Freedom... After that they bring into this Ziggen's medley (Unknown, I'm Not Afraid, the Tim the Dinosaur). The I'm Not Afraid cover is quite emotional. Brad sings the lyrics "... And not afraid of death" not knowing how soon it was around the corner.