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Mama Kin’s Boston, MA

Wednesday, April 10th, 1996

Bootleg Front Cover
Bootleg Back Cover

Bands performed:

  • Wesley Willis Fiasco
  • DFL

"Shootin' Up In Beantown"

Boston, MA - April 10th, 1996

  1. Saw Red
  2. Poolshark
  3. Same in the End [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyMcuuSbjrk ]
  4. Smoke Two Joints
  5. Paddle Out
  6. Falling Idols
  7. Don't Push
  8. Garden Grove
  9. New Thrash
  10. Seed
  11. Badfish
  12. Hope
  13. Work That We Do
  14. 5446 (That's My Number)
  15. House of Suffering
  16. All You Need
  17. STP
  18. Minor Threat


  • Some words about this show from Sublime's co-manager Blaine Kaplan:

We booked some east coast shows, and I flew out there with them. I made sure we flew in the night before, so the plane wouldn't be delayed. I picked up the rental van, and I don't know how it came about, but that was when Brad decided to quit using again. He quit cold turkey. twenty-four hours into it, right about the time of our first show, Brad's passed out, he's literally puking in a cardboard box, going through withdrawals, and then they say, 'its showtime." he gets up, straps on a guitar, and he plays his fuckin' heart out - from Crazy Fool: Portrait of a Punk