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=='''Club Lingerie''' ''Hollywood, CA''==
'''Back story to the Club Lingerie after show "business" meeting:'''
'''Back story to the Club Lingerie after show "business" meeting:'''

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Club Lingerie Hollywood, CA


Back story to the Club Lingerie after show "business" meeting:

"Sublime was playing at the Club Lingerie in Hollywood and, again, label heads were there. We had some time, so I suggested we go across the street to the Cat and Fiddle Pub...but the label wanted to go to Genghis Cohen, a Chinese restaurant where they knew the owner and where they always went.

Club Lingerie in West Hollywood

It was supposed to be a dinner to talk about business, and when Brad walks in he sits down and sees this bowl of hot and sour soup, a bowl ordered for the entire table. He takes the bowl, brings it up to hs lips, and begins slurping, the soup's drooling down his face. He tries using chopsticks, one breaks and flies across the table. It was immediate chaos. I just remember him chugging that bowl of soup and not caring about anything else. He finished the soup, got up and went back out to his friend's pick-up truck with Louie and just started strumming his guitar.

The label didn't know what the fuck was going on, but Genghis Cohen was no place to conduct a meeting with Sublime.

-Jon Phillips

Crazy Fool: Portrait of a Punk - Brad Nowell