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Beach Happy Magazine - Oct 1, 1993

By Miguel Amador


I talked with Brad of Sublime recently and here is a few things we talked about. Brad was rushed as he and the band were getting ready to head out for a show with Stone Temple Pilots, Butthole Surfers, Firehose and Basehead at Castaic Lake.

Who are you influenced by?

By the bands from the punk era Minor Threat, Black Flag. I like Bad Religion. I love reggae. Also Bert Susanka of The Ziggens. He inspires some great thought. The Ziggens are on our label Skunk Records.

Where is that located?

In Long Beach that’s where we’re from.

What is your most memorable show?

Well it was probably our show in Florida with the Dwarves on our first show as a band. The show with the Dwarves was fun. We had a great time and enjoyed Florida.

Our first show was on the Fourth of July in Long Beach in 1988.

When does your new album come out?

Soon. This week it’s titled “Jah Won’t Pay the Bills” There are 16 tracks on the cassette.

What do you think of the Lollapalooza festival?

I think it is great that a lot of the reggae festivals these days are locking fresh acts. Lollapalooza affects the music and shows a good side of music.

What bands would you like to see at Lollapalooza?

I’d like to see Bad Religion, Supercat

This hit on sublime was supposed to continue with complete documentation of their performance at the Black Flys party however was cut short by over zealous bouncers. Minutes before sublime was to go on, I was firmly removed by some steroid filled bouncer that preferred to wrench my neck and toss me into the street. Anyway, I heard the show was unreal and full of positive energy.