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The Tressel Tavern Everett, WA

Monday, November 14th, 1994

Memories Bootleg Front Cover
Memories Bootleg Back Cover
Memories Liner Notes
Memories Disc 1 Cover
Memories Disc 2 Cover


Everett, WA - November 14th, 1994

Recorded by Darren Meyer

Disc 1

  1. Don't Push
  2. "Rice and Beans Dub"
  3. Right Back
  4. New Thrash
  5. Work That We Do
  6. 40oz. To Freedom
  7. House Of Suffering
  8. Badfish
  9. Leaving This Babylon (Bad Brains Cover)
  10. "Cool and Deadly" Dub
  11. We're Only Gonna Die
  12. Let's Go Get Stoned
  13. Poolshark
  14. Tuning
  15. STP
  16. Drink Break

Disc 2

  1. Loser
  2. Scarlet Begonias
  3. What I Got '94 Version
  4. World of Inflation
  5. DJ's
  6. Saw Red
  7. Greatest Hits (extended version)
  8. Jailhouse
  9. 5446
  10. Date Rape
  11. Youth Are Getting Restless
  12. Romantic Girl (Winston Reedy Cover)
  13. Tuning Song
  14. My Age
  15. Slow Ride


  • The quality on this show isn’t the greatest as it seems like the mic seems to be on VOX. The patch on the guitar sounds like it is giving problems occasionally, too. After Don’t Push Brad jumps into this dub which I’m not sure that he sings on any of the other shows (I refer to it as the “Rice and Beans Dub”). This is one of the greatest dubs on all of the shows. Brad seemed to be either hit or miss on shows. This is a COMPLETE hit! He sings every song SO soulful. The effects that Brad are using during this show give it such a flavor.
  • I get a laugh when at the end of 40oz someone asks if he needs a drink and Brad replies “That’s a DUMB question!”
  • House of Suffering has such presence behind the lyrics that makes it sound so amazing. In the middle of Badfish, Bradley makes it apparent that the beer was flowing well that night, and says “I’ve gotta go, dude!” During the middle of Bad Brains cover of “Leaving this Babylon” breaks into a “cool and deadly” freestyle.
  • Lets Go Get Stoned has such an appeal. “Lord Dread!” Brad does a bit of an extended solo. Poolshark from this show really shows the feeling Bradley wanted to express in this song.