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Frat Party Long Beach, CA

Fashion Ave. & 23rd Street

Thursday, October 4th, 1990



Bands performed:

In Eric's own words:

Sublime used to play my highschool fraternity's backyard parties for free beer. Glad I found these. Irie times back then.

This flyer has a special place in my heart because not only did I help design the flyer, but that backyard party was at my boy Ernest's house. Sublime played 3 of his parties back then. At this particular party that this flyer was from, Bradley was running way late and nobody could get a hold of him (which happened from time to time back then), so to help fill time, this emcee named Grasshopper jumped on the mic, and when he got tired of singing, me and my bro Tom (Cracka) jumped on the mic and spit a few little verses that we had written. It was the first time i had ever sang on a mic and the first time I performed in front of people. It was an experience I'll never forget and what motivated me to want to keep doing it.

..great music, many kegs, great people, cops were cool back then. They would just tell you "just keep the noise down". There were no fights and lots of weed. I do recall we rolled a 10 sheeter and threw a whole 8th of Chocolate Tai into that one... and if I remember right, Sublime was willing to play for free beer.