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All You Need Video Shoot LA Dry Lake, CA


September 1995

Directed by Kevin McVey

Photographer/Make Up - Karen Maxwell

Actor - Mark Ferreri


  • Originally filmed in 1995 and later completed in 1996, the video was eventually shelved after Brad’s death until 2006 when it was re-edited by Josh Fischel for the boxset
  • The original idea for the video involved a man (Mark Ferreri) wondering around lost in the desert sliced together with the scenes of the band driving in the desert as seen in the final cut
  • The wondering character never made it into the final cut of McVey’s version of the video, McVey’s version does include different shots of the band in the desert and performing

Mark had a 2 weekend shoot scheduled as the lead role in a ‘Sublime’ music video. When director, Kevin McVey found out that during the week, that the lead singer died from an overdose, he rescheduled the 2nd weekend shoot out an extra week but shot it anyway, helicopter, purple tux and all.

Karen Maxwell: Filmed out in the Los Angeles Dry Lake, Bradley was the only one who would let me get near him with the makeup.  1995..... It was an absolutely fabulous day and although it was a long time ago I remember it well! Bradley got naked in the end, not sure why but I was thrilled!  The only thing we had to drink was that mickeys beer, and a few coors lights. I grabbed a coors light!  Yes, its true the boys didn’t need makeup ~ but it was cool to  have me on the set. Bradley was a sweetheart. Re: getting naked, it was at the end of the shoot I and of course its what I remember because he’s so cute, but it wasn’t towards me ~ he did it perhaps because he isn’t shy and it was hot, we were out in the LA dry lake... I was embarrassed, but it was a very fun day. Figures I'd remember he got naked! Prior to that, he was still a very charismatic person. Very likable! Everyone on the set that day was cool actually!