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Tony Kanal's Surprise Birthday Party Anaheim, CA

Friday, August 27, 1993


  • "I remember one night a few years ago when Tony's parents threw him a surprise birthday party at home, and I brought some amps and guitars and drums over, and we invited a bunch of our musician friends. Brad and the rest of the Sublime guys came over and the various bands did little improvised sets of their stuff. So there in the middle of the Kanal family's living room Bradley, Eric and Bud played the most amazing, emotionally heart wrenching performance, holding absolutely nothing back, blowing away everyone there." [ Taken from http://www.sublimewiki.com/index.php?title=Good-Bye_to_Bradley_-_Lint_Magazine] - Tom Dumont of No Doubt

  • "They played a surprise birthday that Gwen threw for me in my parents house in Yorba Linda. They set up in the living room and played and that was pretty incredible. All of our friends and family were packed into my parents house in this you know suburban house in Orange County. And it was amazing, my mom was serving hors d'oeuvres and walking around and here was Bradley talking about licking pussy and fucking girls haha and singing songs and it was just an amazing experience. Definitely an honor and privilege to have them play my birthday party. [ Taken from the Everything Under The Sun Radio Special] - Tony Kanal of No Doubt