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Harry C's Redlands, CA

Friday, July 25th, 1994

  • 96 Degrees
  • Sages Of Memphis
  • Mortitia


  • I walked into Harry C's in the middle of 96 Degrees' set. This band has a cool reggae sound. I was thoroughly impressed with the two female singers, that fronted the band, [that] are extremely talented. Sages of Memphis played next. It was campy rock galore. A cover of Berlin's "Metro" was thrown in for good measure. Sublime grooved the house next. I have to say these three men are the mellowest, coolest, beer drinking music playing fellows I have seen in awhile. They packed the house into almost overflow. A good time was enjoyed by all. Mortitia played last, unfortunately, most everyone left before they played. Mortitia gives a good performance with their heave almost speed metal sound. They were definitely placed on the wrong bill though.

-Review from Renae L. Bryant

-Transcribed from "On The Rag" Zine, vol. 3.