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== Billy Ackers House Party Costa Mesa, CA == Approx. June or July '90 Afternoon show

This was a keg party thrown by Wendy Leonard at Billy Acker's house. It was a going away party for Joey Pachette. The actual date is unknown but it appears to be June or July of 1990. The party happened just days before the release of the C003 Tape). The party in the picture is the daytime show, then another party happened later that night at Sal and Ed's house in which they played the "Skateboard Ramp show"

Some memories of the show from party-goers.

  • "This was a party I threw in Huntington at a friend's house (Billy A.). This is the day I introduced Sublime to Costa Mesa. They came over to my pad after and I fed them and then took them to another friends party around the corner (Sal and Ed's house). They played on a skateboard ramp, the cops came and busted it, they asked us to come right back and they set up again and played until the cops came back." - Wendy Leonard

  • "Yep that is the story. I believe the punk song he (Thomas) is thinking of is a cover they did from Descendents, the song was "Loser". It became one of my favorites as well. Every time I was present they would play it at my request. I have quite a few stories as I hung out with them for a couple of months afterwards. They were just cool people. Brad was so humble. I have stories of a trip to TJ... so many shows I can't remember. They passed out their four song demo tape C003that night as well. This was just a week or so before C003 was released and they were passing out copies. Should have held onto that one! My best Friend Billy A. knew them some how. I wanted to have a party at his house and he suggested calling them up so we would have a band. After Sal's house we went back to Pete's house, where we became friends. Some of the funnest times I had were with those guys. As for the pictures, of course my favorite one is of Brad, Bud and myself." - Wendy Leonard

This is Wendy with a 22-year-old Bradley Nowell and Bud Gaugh sporting the Bob Marley shirt.

  • The eye-patched sax player is in fact a young Todd Foreman (who is still playing with Sublime with Rome). He had just had an eye surgery. Bradley is probably singing a soulful melody with blue Ibanez guitar which was used live until late 1993. That is Eric Kendall Fox playing the keyboard. Eric Wilson can be seen in the background sporting what appears to be one of the first Sublime shirts made by Opie Ortiz. Pictures of the shirt can be seen here.

Another picture of the band performing. Opie Ortiz can be seen wearing the bright orange cap on the far right.

It appears that Todd Foreman had taken over the keyboard duties when Judy Phelps took this photo.

The last picture of Sublime perfoming, with the line to the kegger. Other who appear in the photo are; Eric Kendall Fox, Barry Williams, Joey Pachette (tie died shirt and pony tail), Brigitte Howard, and Rocky.

  • A contributor believes Brad was 22 at the time so this may have taken place in 1990. Any help on the date would be greatly appreciated.

** Many thanks to Judy Phelps (photographer), Thomas Ralph, Todd Foreman, and Wendy Leonard for the stories and help (THANKS MUCH!),